“Offer gifts to one another for it will make both the hearts hefty of love.”

Every relationship is based on the building block of love, and one pillar of strong love is giving gifts.

Your relationship with your significant other requires affection and a reminder from time to time about how much it means to you, which can be manifested easily by exchanging gifts, especially if you pick specific anniversary gifts by year.

Often, couples use their anniversaries as the perfect excuse for this generous reminder for their other half. But if so, many reminders are to be given. So, how can you pick the best and most thoughtful gift? Depending on whether you’re celebrating milestone anniversaries or yearly anniversaries, or whether you want to go for traditional gifts or a modern gift, it all varies.

While traditional anniversary gifts like paper, steel, and crystal are often considered “old school,” modern anniversary gifts by year tend to be trendier, such as watches, pearls, or wood. Whether you prefer traditional or modern gifts, choosing the perfect anniversary gift is an important step in planning a memorable anniversary party, especially if you want to make it truly special. To help you choose some of the most important milestone gifts and wedding anniversary gifts by year, here is a list of anniversary gifts by year!

Traditional And Modern Anniversary Gifts By Year Chart

10+ Anniversary Gifts For Your Better Half To Make Them Feel Special!

1st Anniversary Gifts

First anniversaries are always the one’s the most looked forward to for apparent reasons. After all, who wouldn’t want to surprise their significant other with a splendid, thoughtful anniversary gift by year! Paper is a symbol of new beginnings, and new beginnings are what most of us look forward to, for they bring every possibility of joy, happiness, and immense love.

When considering wedding anniversary gifts by year, especially for the first year, you cannot look past the traditional anniversary gifts. The paper poster plays a perfect role in that. As for the modern anniversary gifts for your first anniversary, the paper clock will do wonders and encapsulate a massive place in your soulmate’s heart for you!

Traditional 1st anniversary gift


Modern 1st anniversary gift


To find more gift ideas for your first anniversary, you can see “How To Make Your 1st Year Anniversary Gifts Romantic And Memorable”.

2nd Anniversary Gifts

When thinking of anniversary gifts by year, and especially wedding anniversary gifts by year, you might want to have a look at our collection of second-anniversary gifts. We understand how much a peaceful day means to a happy couple. After all, what could get better than a day sprawled on your bed and having a movie marathon with your favorite meal?

This is why we picked the same idea for our traditional gifts by year, as well as modern gifts by year for your second anniversary- That being a charming pillow that would definitely make your loved one in awe of you as well as the gift!

Traditional 2nd anniversary gift


Modern 2nd anniversary gift

2Nd Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend - Anniversary Gifts By Year | Cubebik Blog

3rd Anniversary Gifts

When looking for wedding anniversary gifts by year, you may come across our third-anniversary gifts. Do not let the love die out, which is why when you pick our traditional anniversary gift by year, you will come across the most exquisite Bella Busta tray.

On the other hand, when you pick our modern anniversary gift by year, you will find the most beautiful, engraved champagne glasses. Why not celebrate love with a little champagne?

Traditional 3rd anniversary gift


Modern 3rd anniversary gift


4th Anniversary Gifts

When sorting out anniversary gifts by year, for your fourth anniversary, we have put in effort and time. Everyone wants their wedding gifts to be special, especially when you are picking wedding anniversary gifts by year.

Our tulip flowers serve the best for a traditional anniversary gift, whereas our air fryer recommendation will be perfect for modern anniversary gifts by year.

The flowers are a perfect representation of the deep love that you share with your partner. Tulips are those flowers that many have loved for over decades. We have used this idea to make this the perfect gift for your partner.

Traditional 4th anniversary gift


Modern 4th anniversary gift


5th Anniversary Gifts

When going through anniversary gift ideas by year, you would have realized how essential it is to have the perfect traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts by year. This is why we put our keen focus on the personalized cutting board, which serves perfectly as traditional anniversary gifts.

On the other hand, the stainless-steel set is a perfect modern gift. So help your loved ones in effortless kitchen chores by gifting them these unique items.

Traditional 5th anniversary gift


Modern 5th anniversary gift


You can see “New Wondrous 5-year Anniversary Quotes For Him And Her” to get more quotes about 5th-anniversary message for yourself.

6th Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts by year, traditional and modern, both require an equal amount of effort. This is why we look at each item we recommend to you closely. We aim to sprout love between your loved ones and make your marriage glow.

When you come to the sixth anniversary, and you want anniversary gifts by year, you can look into our beer mugs as they serve perfect traditional anniversary gifts. For modern anniversary gifts by year, you can get our handmade wooden watch.

Traditional 6th anniversary gift


Modern 6th anniversary gift


7th Anniversary Gifts

Looking for the best anniversary present by year for your seventh year specifically? We got you! We have a range of exquisite designs and variety. Our anniversary gifts listed by year show that for the great seventh is a beautiful leather keychain.

Similarly, a modern gift we recommend is a wooden phone docking station. This will help your significant other manage their phones and be comfortable with where to keep them without losing them.

Traditional 7th anniversary gift


Modern 7th anniversary gift


8th Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts for years come with a lot of planning and preparing, but you can leave that all on us because we have created an anniversary gift by year list that will solve it all.

For a traditional anniversary gift, you can go for this beautiful garden solo light to decorate your house with love as well as exquisite showpieces. For a modern gift, go for the Paper Blast Store. It will help you spend quality time with your loved ones, and their appreciation for you will boost.

Traditional 8th anniversary gift


Modern 8th anniversary gift


9th Anniversary Gifts

As you decide your anniversary gifts by year and you come to your ninth anniversary, we have the most splendid options available for you.

Wedding anniversary gifts by year, as most people say it, is not an easy choice. Yet, we make sure you do it with elegance and make a mark in the heart of your loved one.

We have picked a beautiful hand-crafted musical figure as our traditional anniversary milestone gift. For a more modern anniversary milestone gift, you can gift them a personalized leather coaster.

Traditional 9th anniversary gift

9 Year-Anniversary-Gifts-Traditional

Modern 9th anniversary gift


10th Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations on hitting your first decade as a happily married couple! You might have gone through a lot of lists over the years to get the best anniversary gifts by year, but we promise you the best for your big date.

We realized that when people look for luxury 10th wedding anniversary gifts, people may like expensive gifts, so when looking for modern anniversary gifts by year for your tenth year, you can go for these beautiful Diamond earrings which will make your other half gasp in joy!

For a more traditional gift, you can, of course, go for this wonderful anniversary wedding gift sign which will surely take their breath away.

Traditional 10th anniversary gift


Modern 10th anniversary gift


11th Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts by year, traditional and modern, both have a high significance when it comes to maintaining a strong bond at weddings. No marriage is easy, and no relationship comes with no investment. Therefore, we put in efforts when choosing both, anniversary gifts by year, traditional and modern, for you all.

When looking for anniversary gifts ideas by year, you can surf through our website, and for your eleventh year, you will be presented with the most exquisite metal date night dice for your traditional anniversary gifts. For your modern anniversary gifts by year, you will come across a unique yet bewitching heart pendant necklace.

Traditional 11th anniversary gift


Modern 11th anniversary gift


12th Anniversary Gifts

Your twelfth-anniversary milestone gifts will take your other half by surprise! This is what our unframed poster can do, as chosen as a traditional anniversary gift! It will spark love between you two and would ensure you support and love each other through thick and thin.

For a more modern gift, browse through our anniversary gifts listed by year, and you will find a stunning, most exquisite crystal seashell which is specifically made for wedding gifts.

Traditional 12th anniversary gift


Modern 12th anniversary gift


13th Anniversary Gifts

For your thirteenth anniversary gifts, we have picked the unique gifts from all anniversary gifts by year. When picking traditional marriage anniversary gifts by year, you can look at our print acrylic, which will engrave your favorite memory with your favorite person.

Our anniversary gifts for years include a personalized turtle blanket. Each day when you and your significant other are headed to sleep, they are reminded of the compassion, warmth, and support you provide them with, and this blanket reflects all that.

Traditional 13th anniversary gift


Modern 13th anniversary gift


14th Anniversary Gifts

On your fourteenth anniversary, when picking anniversary gift by year, you can go for the while elephant ring holder, which is poise and a cute little gift for the magical wedding gift that you gifted your other half.

Wedding anniversary gifts by year do not require the same effort anymore! Just surf through our modern anniversary gifts, and you will find a gorgeous, heart-touching skull skeleton that reflects long marriage and never-ending love!

Traditional 14th anniversary gift


Modern 14th anniversary gift


15th Anniversary Gifts

When thinking of anniversary gifts by year, and especially Wedding anniversary gifts by year, go through our specialized list of gifts. We have a variety of traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts for your fifteenth anniversary!

Therefore, we picked the same idea for our traditional anniversary gifts by year, as well as modern gifts by year for your fifteenth anniversary. The crystal anniversary engraved masterpiece works perfectly as a traditional gift, while the wooden clock is perfect for a modern touch.

Traditional 15th anniversary gift


Modern 15th anniversary gift


20th Anniversary Gifts

The 20th-year anniversary is well-known as one of the most important milestones in the life of any couple. This is a memorable occasion showing that you have shared about one-third of your life journey together with your loved one.

As a traditional way to celebrate an anniversary party, people tend to use Chinaware as it represents the meaning of longevity and durability. Another great milestone anniversary gift you can give to your other half is a canvas print mosaic depicting a 20 number made from your lovely photos.

From the perspective of those who are all for modern and luxury gifts, platinum gifts for 20th anniversary are a must to go with; platinum rose to express how much you treasure this very moment with your lover. If you want to lighten the romantic atmosphere, a bouquet of fresh asters is absolutely icing on the cake.

Traditional 20th anniversary gift


Modern 20th anniversary gift


25th Anniversary Gifts

You can choose the best marriage anniversary gifts by year if you surf through our list. We have anniversary gifts listed by year to ensure you have the next best gift for your spouse! Our twenty-fifth anniversary gifts by year are the same because just one gift plays an important role sometimes.

Therefore, for your twenty-fifth anniversary, a photo frame with a memorable photo would be the ideal gift for your other half.

Traditional and modern 25th anniversary gift


Don’t miss “Discover Why 25th Wedding Anniversary Is The Special Silver One” if you want to know about the origin of 25th anniversary.

30th Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations on the big thirty! Wedding anniversary gifts by year are important when it comes to maintaining a strong married life. Therefore, we put in efforts when choosing both traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year for your big thirty.

For anniversary presents by year, you can surf through our website and for your eleventh year, you will be presented with the most beautiful pearl ring as a traditional anniversary gift. For your modern gift, you can go for our trinket dish. Our anniversary gifts by year will not fail to impress!

Traditional 30th anniversary gift


Modern 30th anniversary gift


35th Anniversary Gifts

For your thirty-fifth anniversary, pick from our wide variety of anniversary gift ideas by year, which is why we picked one of the most interesting traditional anniversary gifts by year. The pink coral earrings are the perfect pick for that.

Our traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts are a combination of love, support, and understanding for each other. We make sure that our anniversary gifts listed by year bring more than just a physical appearance; we want to resonate them to special feelings too.

Our modern anniversary presents by year for your thirty-fifth anniversary the raw light green necklace is perfect for this.

Traditional 35th anniversary gift


Modern 35th anniversary gift


40th Anniversary Gifts

For your fortieth anniversary, look through our anniversary presents by year. Marriage anniversary gifts by year are not an easy process, yet we have combined the most exciting gifts that your partner will love. This is why we put our keen focus on the personalized collage, which serves perfectly as a traditional anniversary gift as well as a modern one.

It is something your partner will cherish as it will consist of the most favorite memories of you two. Our anniversary presents by year have always bloomed new love for couples, and we are sure it will work for you too.

Traditional and modern 40th anniversary gift


45th Anniversary Gifts

As years pass by in a marriage, the more it becomes important to give gifts. In our anniversary gifts by year list, we have combined traditional anniversary gifts by year and modern for your splendid forty-fifth anniversary.

The Peoria gold pendant is the definition of class, beauty, and style. We understand that marriage can sometimes become unexciting, so this gift will add all the flavors to your wedding. Gifting this to your other half will win their heart all over again. This is the perfect gift as it plays as both traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts. The blue color looks ethereal and surely represents the strong bond that you both hold. Blue is a color of strength, passion, and richness, which is all a representation of what is found in the beautiful bond that you share with your partner.

Traditional and modern 45th anniversary gift


50th Anniversary Gifts

Marriage anniversary gifts by year are no easy work. You must put in all the efforts to find perfect a anniversary gifts by year especially when it is the big fifty!

For your fiftieth anniversary, we have decided to come up with a very heartfelt canvas that will have pictures of you from a lifetime with your partner. If you are spending too much time looking elsewhere, you can stop and give our canvas a look!

Memories are best when they are captured. Whether from your wedding day, your proposal, your first anniversary, or one with your children, you can put them all in this beautiful canvas, which will be an explosion of your loving memories.

Your partner will love the thoughtfulness that is put in the gift because it will be a reminder of all the beautiful memories that you got to spend together with them.

Fifty is a big number, and you must take every chance to celebrate your love and your marriage, and we firmly believe that this canvas will be the best way to do so. Anniversary milestone gifts can be difficult to find, but this will be the absolute favorite of your partner.

Traditional and modern 50th anniversary gift


55th Anniversary Gifts

When looking for traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts, you can check out our list, which amalgamates both the options for your fifty-fifth anniversary!

After so many years, which were full of love, compassion, and understanding, here comes the big fifty-five! You must do everything to make your partner feel loved on this day.

This pashmina shawl is a perfect embodiment of all that your relationship holds- Warmth, beauty, comfort. Use this shawl as a reminder to your partner that there is absolutely nowhere they will find this kind of comfort.

Anniversary gifts for years are a perfect reminder to your loved ones of how special they are and what they mean to you.

Whether you plan on giving a surprise or whether you have already told them you’ll be getting them a gift this time around, this pashmina shawl will make them appreciate you for the efforts you put in. Anniversary gifts by year are no more a hassle! Just look through our website, and you will find this exquisite pashmina shawl which will be the perfect traditional and modern gift for your loved one.

Traditional and modern 55th anniversary gift


60th Anniversary Gifts

When you are hitting your big sixty, you may want to come up with the best anniversary gift for your partner to appreciate them for all the years that they have been with you. Indeed, marriage is a beautiful journey with ups and downs.

What is essential, however, is that with every chance you get, you remind your partner how special they are to you. We have anniversary gifts listed by year, so it won’t be hard for you to find one for your big sixty.

For your sixtieth anniversary, we have combined traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts and made it one extremely unique and memorable gift that your partner will adore! The engraved wedding canvas is a reminder of all the wonderful years you lived together.

Traditional and modern 60th anniversary gift


Wrap Up

An anniversary gift by year is a reminder of how you grew up together, made mistakes together, and became better versions of yourself together. It is a reminder of hope for many, that true love exists even today – It just comes with extra efforts that you have to put!

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