1St Year Nniversary Gifts

It’s not easy to find the perfect 1st year anniversary gifts that can help you make a great impression on your special one. Here, therefore, is exactly the list you should read to find the best one for yourself!


Make your 1st year anniversary gifts more memorable

You’ve known about this date for over a year, and now it’s time to start planning. Nobody ever really looked forward to year-old, stale cake, but they do look forward to the sentiment of the tradition. What better way to celebrate than to give them a 1st year anniversary gift that they will actually remember? That being said, the 1st wedding anniversary gift can be a challenge as the theme is paper. You want it to be special, sentimental, and memorable, but you also don’t want it to come across as thoughtless and disposable. Quite honestly it’s probably the reason that you have taken to the internet to look for some creative answers.

Coming up with a Top 10 list isn’t as easy as you think. Everyone has a different style and taste to be desired. Some people find a sentimental gift more fitting, and others want something more functional. Some might even want something to display in their home year-round for everyone to see. We have gathered a list of traditional, modern, unconventional gifts for your selection. Whatever your taste and your budget, you are bound to get your gears turning toward the perfect gift for the occasion.

What is the 1st wedding anniversary gift?

Delicate yet touching, the 1st year anniversary gift is going to be paper. This symbolizes the delicacy and the novelty of your young marriage. However, this isn’t your only option when it comes to 1st year anniversary gifts. The modern twist on this tradition is a clock. This signifies the presence of past, present, and future time spent together.

As you research the themes of each anniversary, you will notice that they are related to natural elements and metals. This is meant to symbolize the growth in durability as the couple grows together. The first anniversary is also associated with gold.

The first, the paper anniversary gift, is meant to showcase the natural growth as paper is constructed from the wood of trees. Those trees started as a tiny seed that was planted and grew into something stronger with time. Much like your love for each other will ground yourselves as it roots into the earth beneath it. However, just like those trees, your love will need to be nurtured and cared for to survive.

The first anniversary is a huge milestone to hit, and it comes with a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to giving gifts. You can go for the paper theme that is more traditional, clocks for the more modern, or gold if you want to stick to the more general theme. Either way, you choose to go, you really can’t lose.

What are more modern 1st year anniversary gift?

Much like many traditions, anniversary gifts have also been given a modern twist over time. If a traditional paper anniversary gift isn’t your thing, you can choose from some of the following more modern first year anniversary gifts:

1. Red Dot Laser Engraving

1St Year Anniversary Gift

Cherish Your Time Together

The love story began long before this milestone was reached. A small pocket watch is as classic as they come. Commemorate the past, present, and future time with a timeless keepsake that will never be forgotten. (Just don’t let him tell you that he lost track of time!)

2. Char-Boil Classic Grill

Paper Anniversary Gifts For Him

Make Things A Little Hotter

A couple that cooks together, stays together! You won’t need to use apaper anniversary gifthere for kindling. This propane gas grill warms quickly enough to save time for celebrating.

3. Personalized Mug For Boyfriend

1St Anniversary Gift For Boyfriend

Just A Reminder

We all like to have those little reminders that our significant other is thinking of us. This unfiltered expression might just put a smile on their face and heat up the room! This might be a know your audience type of mug, but it’s definitely a conversation starter!

4. 1st Year Anniversary Gift Personalized Canvas

1St Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

Measure Your Time Together

There have been a myriad of songs that have been written about a love just like yours. How do you measure that time you’ve spent together? Showcase your relationship in a different way by turning it into a conversation piece to display in your home.

5. Whiskey Glass Set

1St Anniversary Gift

Cheers To You Both

Who doesn’t enjoy the finer things in life? When you love a whiskey drinker you know that they often enjoy all of the accessories that come with it. This is a wonderful gift set that comes with an engraved wooden box to share your special moment. You could even pair it with a bottle of his favorite beverage to sweeten the deal.

6. Lovely Necklace For Your Wife

1St Anniversary Gift For Wife

Show Her That You Have The Hots For Her

Your hunt was over the day you met her. Show her just how much you love her with this beautiful pendant necklace. She will wear it with pride as an affection of your love. The chosen metal, gold, also plays into your first year anniversary themes. While she may not know it at first, she will know a lot of thought was put into this gift as you share the story.

7. Robot Vacuum Cleanser

First Anniversary Gift Deas-For-Couple-From-Parents

Sweep Your Partner Off Her Feet

Most people don’t want to give a gift that “sucks”, but in this case you do! This slender machine is better than your average paper anniversary gift as it works for both hardwood floors and carpets. This will give the happy couple less time working on chores and more time enjoying each other. Who doesn’t love the idea of that?

8. Personalized 1st Year Anniversary Gift

Personalised-1St-Wedding-Anniversary Gifts-Couple

Share Your Love

The Tinman thought that he could conquer the world if he only had a heart. When he received his heart from the Wizard of Oz he wore it with such confidence. This adorable keepsake creates another memory as you share your first Valentine’s Day as Mr. and Mrs. It is made of porcelain, and will remind you that life is as fragile as the heart you hold.

9. Happy 1st Anniversary Necklace

Paper Anniversary Gifts For Her

Share Your Heart With Her

Love was created when two people committed themselves to each other. Give her a gift that shows just how happy you are that the two of you became one and chose to walk the path of life together.

10. Custom Photo Canvas

Personalised 1St Wedding Anniversary Gifts Couple

Breaking New!
The words “I love you” are as timeless as the written word itself. Break the news of your undevoted love for him with this sweet newsprint canvas. Newsprint is something we associate with older generations in antiquated time periods. However, it creates a feeling of history to your story. Keeping with the paper anniversary gift tradition, this canvas makes the perfect gift for your first anniversary.

Are you ready to celebrate the first anniversary?

Hope you enjoy our 1st year anniversary gift suggestions. Whether you are the bride, the groom, or an adoring fan of the couple, you’ll find a great gift in that list. Go with your gut. The recipient is sure to love whatever you choose.

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