Christmas is fast approaching, and that means you should come up with a comprehensive list of the best old Christmas movies to watch this festive season. Even if you have a tight schedule, having the best time with your loved ones helps to spend time together watching good holiday movies. While it’s still great to read some Christmas books and drown in the holiday mood, we’ve suggested some of the best must-watch Christmas movies. Thus, why don’t you take a look at these best classic Christmas movies for everyone to enjoy this wonderful holiday?

15 Best Classic Christmas Movies

The Last Holiday

This is one of the best holiday movies, though it might not be one of the latest best Christmas movies, it still makes sense to date. It was released in 2006 and has never lost its ability to entertain us. Georgia Byrd is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Instead of being weighed down by the sad news, she chooses to go out on an adventure. She does everything she’s always wanted to do but deferred. Now she understands that exploring the world is the best thing to do. This incredible movie stands out from the crowd as one of the best classic Christmas movies.


The Preacher’s Wife

First, you’ll love this movie because of its casts, such as Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. That alone makes this one of the best holiday movies. How would you feel watching a movie that involves an angel coming back to earth ahead of Christmas? The mission is to help someone put his life back together. This movie will put a smile on your face knowing that there’s always a second chance to get it right in life. You can watch this movie together with someone who seems to have lost hope in their life. You’ll never regret adding this one of the best Christmas movies to your list. It’s also one of the best family Christmas movies of all time.


All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is one of the best classic Christmas movies. This movie has everything necessary to feature on the must-watch Christmas movies this festive season. It’s about two siblings going the extra mile to put their families back together in this one of the best family Christmas movies. They do that by setting an excellent parent trap over the holiday. The story is highly inspiring and makes sense to old and young folks. If you want something you can watch without getting bored, All I Want for Christmas must appear on your priority list of the best old Christmas movies.


The Holiday

This is one of the best classic Christmas movies that will get you in the right mood for a huge celebration. It has stood the test of time as a movie we would turn to repeatedly without getting bored or worn out. This Christmas movie has some touch of romance and Christianity alike. Kate Winslet plays Iris, a woman who is quite unlucky in love. The same goes for Amanda, played by Cameron Diaz. As you can see, the cast is also carefully selected to keep your eyes glued to the silver screen this festive season. Don’t miss this film because you can watch this Christmas movie on Netflix now.

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Christmas With The Kranks

Many people skip Christmas because they lack the best things to do alone or with their loved ones. However, if you’re looking for classic Christmas movies, this movie will shake off any negative attitude toward Christmas since it’s not a good idea for you. Christmas with the Kranks is more of a white Christmas. It involves a daughter whose neighborhood takes Christmas seriously. She goes to Peru and comes back with her fiancé to have a different experience.

With so many lessons to learn in the movie, you’ll also have a feel of how Christmas should be. Watch this one of the top Christmas movies and celebrate your festive season in style. Watch this one if you’re looking for the best Christmas movies this festive season.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare before Christmas is about Jack Skellington, the resident of Halloweentown, who goes on an adventure and discovers the Christmas town. After watching this one of the best holiday movies, you’ll admit the fact that Christmas is indeed a unique holiday worth celebrating. It’s an old movie released in 1993 and still finds a place on the big screen. Get ready because you might find yourself using the replay button because this is one of the best Christmas movies.


Miracle on 34th Street

This movie is filled with laughter and profound lessons to be learned. It all commences with an older man finding his way to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. However, claiming to be Kris Kringle, the older man discovers a skeptic in a young girl called Susan. The girl was raised not to believe or trust in silly fantasies. Thankfully, they spend more time together, and their relationship grows. Eventually, Susan learns that Santa might be real. Do you also have any doubts about Santa? Even if you don’t, this is one of the best Christmas movies to watch this season.


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The Muppet Christmas Carol

There’re way too many versions of Christmas carols out there. However, this Muppet Christmas Carol presents all your favorites, and you can have fun watching with your loved ones this festive season. You’ll also watch Michael Caine, an Academy Award-winning actor, so this is one of the best holiday movies. You’ll have a lot of fun watching as they tell the classic Charles Dickens some tales complete with impressive musical numbers. Also, you’ll have memorable moments brought to you by Jim Hensen’s Muppets characters. Your festive season won’t be complete unless you create time to watch this one of the best family Christmas movies.


Holiday Inn

This is one of the old Christmas movies set during the WWII period. This Christmas movie follows a love triangle that unfolds in a hotel during the holidays. You’ll watch Fred Astaire’s and Bing Crosby sing their way through their crushes, hoping to find some love. Irving Berlin got inspired and wrote twelve songs just for the movies, so you can trust that it’s one of the top Christmas movies of all time. One of them is the famous “White Christmas,” which also inspired another great movie in 1954m Starring Crosby one more time. Holiday Inn is not a new movie, but it teaches us important lessons, thus making it one of the best Christmas movies.


Babes In Toyland

People can get mad when duped into doing things they don’t like. That’s what happened in Babes of Toyland, one of the best holiday movies. One rich person named Barnaby, who owns a property, is tricked into marrying a jokester called Stanley Dum. Later on, he realizes that he’s been fooled and gets infuriated. He wanted to get married to Little Bo Peep and not Dum. To show his anger, he sends his bogeymen to ravage Toyland. Love is hard to find, and hell hath no fury than a man tricked into marrying the wrong lady. Watch this one of the best classic Christmas movies and find out whether Stanley and his partner get to prevail.


The Bells Of St. Mary’s

Again, in this one of the best holiday movies, we see Bing Crosby acting as a catholic priest, while Ingrid Bergman acts as the catholic nun. They face some problems with the outcome of their school called St. Mary’s. The catholic nun wants to save the school and gets some help from the community. If her efforts fail to pay back, the kids will be sent to other schools. Watch this Christmas movie this festive season and find out what happens at the end of the day. The Bells of St. Mary’s is one of the best family Christmas movies that reveal much about life.


The Shop Around The Corner

It’s a shop with a lot of things going on. You won’t notice the kind of hate they have for each other unless you study them carefully. However, the co-workers Alfred Kralik and Klara Novak fall in love as pen pals, so it’s one of the best old Christmas movies. This Christmas movie is so good that in 1999, the Library of Congress picked it for preservation in the United States National Film Registry. Unless you don’t want to decorate your festive season with some fun, this is one of the best Christmas movies you should watch.


It’s A Wonderful Life

This is another great classic Christmas movie that you should include in your must-watch Christmas movies list. It’s the epitome of what an entertaining holiday movie should be. It goes well with the proverb, “the grass is always greener.” But if the grass is always grayer, if you choose to go with the black and white version of it’s a Wonderful Day. This movie stars James Stewart, who tries to steal a glimpse of what life would look like if he never existed. We love this movie because it reveals many facts about life, thereby making it one of the best classic Christmas movies.


Black Nativity

This is one of the best family Christmas movies released in 2013, but it originates from a play written by Langton Hughes in 1961. This movie is about a teen who travels to New York to spend some time with estranged relatives. The problem, however, is that they don’t get to see eye-to-eye. In that case, he commences a journey of self-discovery and family bonds. To determine whether or not he succeeds, you should consider watching this movie before it’s too late. Black nativity also contains a lot of things you might not have known about life, making it one of the best holiday movies of all time.


The Great Rupert

Christmas is fast approaching, and Louie Amendola is struggling to make ends meet in this one of the top Christmas movies. At some point, they figure out a place to live, but without a clue of how they’ll pay their rent. Thankfully, some money falls from the ceiling. Sadly, their problem doesn’t end since they run into some hardships amid the holiday season. The Great Rupert is one of the best old Christmas movies that make life real. Would you like to see how the family survived during the holiday? Then you must watch this one of the best classic Christmas movies.


Closing Thoughts

This list contains some of the best classic Christmas movies you must not fail to watch this Christmas. It’s okay if you don’t have enough time to watch all of the top Christmas movies of all time. You can still pick one or two of the best films from this list and have fun watching them with your loved ones at home. Whether you’re into love stories, adventure or religion, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Let us know if you still have questions about the best Christmas movies.

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